MYC-Y6ULX-V2 is an updated version of MYC-Y6ULX, which was released in January 2021. See PCN-MYC-2021-S01/MYC-Y6ULX.pdf for details on the differences between the two

Similarities and differences between the paper

  • Hardware V2 mainly with the new PCB lamination and thickness, as well as the shield design.Both functional PIN feet are the same, and have no effect on the design of the bottom plate
  • Software Software is the same, no difference


L5.4.3 -V2.0
Release version Status Date Release notes
v2.0 beta 2021-01-22 V2.0
L4.1.15 -V1.0
Release version Status Date Release notes
v1.0 Normal maintenance 2018-08-11 v1.0 BSP system