MYD-Y6ULX 资源下载 Resource Download

开发资源 Development Resource

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MYD-Y6ULX-20180811-m43.iso 百度网盘 MYD-Y6ULX 开发资源包(代码,工具链,系统镜像) MYD-Y6ULX Development Package(Source code, toolchain, system images)
Yocto-downloads.tar.xz 百度网盘 打包Yocto中的第三方软件包,可直接存放在Yocto的downloads目录下 Packages from Yocto download directory

开发文档 Development Document

File Chinese English Download Mirror MYD-Y6ULX开发板和MYC-Y6ULX核心板开发文档 The MYD-Y6ULX carrier board and MYC-Y6ULX SoM development document

系统镜像 System Binary Image

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MEasyHMI v1.0-MYD-Y6ULX.7z MEasyHMI v1.0-MYD-Y6ULX 系统 MEasyHMI v1.0-MYD-Y6ULX demo system
fsl-image-qt5-myd-y6ull14x14-20190127162701.rootfs.7z Test image for fec Test image for fec