This SDK is suitable for MYS-6ULX development board. Including MYIR customized BSP source code, linux kernel, image, documents related to Linux software evaluation and development, and some tools used in development and debugging.

Contains two software versions, Linux4.1.15 and Linux5.10.9


Release version Status Date Version release notes
V1 GA 2018-05-12 Initial release, Linux4.1.15
V2 RC 2022-07-27 Software upgrade to Linux5.10.9
BSP V2.0_Linux5.10.9
Release version Status Date ISO
V2 RC 2022-08-06 MYS-6ULX_L5.10.9_20220806.iso
Default factory version BSP Linux4.1.15
Release version Status Date ISO
V1 GA 2022-04-13 MYS-6ULX-20220413-M12.iso