This SDK is applicable to MYC-C8MMX CPU module and development boards of MYIR。 Includes the BSP source customized by MYIR, linux kernel、images、Documentation related to Linux software evaluation and development, as well as some tools used during development and debugging, etc.

MYC-C8MMX-V2 is based on the V1.3 version to replace the Ethernet PHY solution. The software has been updated to be compatible with the V1.3 version. For the difference between the two, see PCN-MYC-2021-S05.pdf in the hardware documentation.

Similarities and differences between the paper

  • Hardware V2 updated the PHY chip to YT8511. The function PIN pins of the two versions of the core board are the same, which has no effect on the design of the bottom plate.
  • Software The software adds new configuration support. It is recommended to select the corresponding V2 configuration defconfig when compiling. For specific modifications, see Chapter 3.2.3 of MYD-C8MMX_Linux_Software_Development_Guide_V2.02.pdf


Release version Status Date ISO Image
v2.0 GA 2022-02-24 MYD-C8MMX-ISO-L5.4-V2.iso
Release version Status Date ISO Image
v1.0 GA 2019-08-11 MYD-C8MMX-ISO-20200401.tar.gz