MYD-CZU3EG SDK 2.0 applies to MYD-CZU3EG CPU module and development boards of MYIR.Includes the BSP source customized by MYIR, code (Linux Kernel5.4.0), precompiled image files, documentation related to Linux software evaluation and development, FPGA guidance manuals, and some tools used during development and debugging.


Release version Status Date Release notes
v2.0 Release 2021-09-15 Update to Uboot2020.1, Kernel5.4.0; Full support for Petalinux2020.1; Replace the Framebuffer driver with a standard, modern DRM display driver
v1.1 Continue the maintenance 2020-02-05
Release version Status Date Image
v1.0 Stop the maintenance 2019-01-05